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City of Corvallis – Taylor Water Treatment Plant Gravel Relocation Project

Emery & Sons Construction Group was awarded the Taylor Water Treatment Plant Gravel Relocation Project and entered into a 3-year master agreement with the City of Corvallis. This project was bid to remove gravel from the Willamette River in the area inside and surrounding the Taylor Water Treatment Plant water intake structure and relocate the gravel to a location downstream. All work must be completed with the in-water work window. Work includes the use of divers and a dive team to remove rocks in direct contact with the intake structure, the use of a long stick excavator to remove the gravel from the intake, relocation of the excavated material to the downstream end of the existing rock/sand bar in the river, and turbidity monitoring.

Owner: City of Corvallis

Engineer: West Yost Associates

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Completion Date: 2018

ODOT – Kinsman Road

Emery & Sons was responsible for the construction of Kinsman Road between SW Barber Street and Boeckman Road. Major items of work included Temp Diversion of an existing stream, Installation of a 78” Casing and Construction of a CIP Box Culvert within a Regulated Work Area, 9,241 CY of Foundation Excavation, 25,238 CY of Embankment in Place, 17,357 CY of Stone Embankment, 8,116 CY of Overexcavation, 5,872 LF of 6” – 36” Sanitary/Storm Sewer, 19 EA Sanitary/Storm Manholes, Extensive Dewatering for Waterline and Sanitary Sewer Installation, 4,618 Ton of Aggregate Base, 12,852 SY of 11.5” Doweled Plain Concrete Pavement, 6,203 LF of Curb & Gutter, 43,262 SF of Concrete Walks, 1,118 SF of 4 Inch Concrete Surfacing, 4,699 SF of 6 Inch Concrete Surfacing, Roadway Striping, Permanent Signage, Roadway Lighting, 10 EA Water Quality Swales, Landscaping, Fencing, and 2,931 LF of 66-Inch Welded Steel Water Transmission Pipe.

Challenging aspects of the project included working within an active wetland site, high groundwater table, soft/saturated soils comprised of clays and peat, and working within a regulated work area.

Once completed, this project will provide continued access on Kinsman Road between SW Barber Street and Kinsman Road. In addition, great efforts were made during the design process to facilitate movement of wildlife through the project. This project will definitely be a showpiece for the City of Wilsonville.

Owner: ODOT

Engineer: OBEC Consulting Engineers

Location: Wilsonville, Oregon

Completion Date: 2018

City of Portland – Hollywood-Grant Park Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The Hollywood-Grant Park Sewer Rehabilitation Project involved the repair and rehabilitation, and new construction of combination sewer, manholes, inlets, and service laterals in N.E. Portland near Hollywood, Grant Park, Rose City Park, Alameda, and Beaumont-Wilshire. Work shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Construct, maintain, and remove temporary work zone traffic control measures.
  • Construct, maintain, and remove erosion control measures.
  • Construct, maintain, and remove temporary diversion of flow.
  • Construct drainage system including sewer pipes, service laterals, manholes, and inlets.
  • Rehabilitate sewer pipes using open-cut (9,700 LF of 6” PVC; 10,100 LF of 12” VCP; 3,500 LF of 15” VCP; 2,000 LF of 18” VCP; and 320 LF of 21” VCP).
  • Rehabilitate sewer pipes using pipe bursting (70 LF of 8” HDPE; 250 LF of 10” HDPE; and 860 LF of 12” HDPE).
  • Rehabilitate sewer pipes using cured-in-place-pipe or CIPP (12,400 LF of 8” CIPP Liner; 3,500 LF of 10” CIPP Liner; 2,200 LF of 12” CIPP Liner; 130 LF of 14” CIPP Liner; 870 LF of 16” CIPP Liner; 11 LF of 21” CIPP Liner; 1,200 LF of 24” CIPP Liner; 820 LF of 30” CIPP Liner; and 170 LF of 36” CIPP Liner).
  • Construct 92 EA Mainline Spot Repairs 6” to 21”.
  • Rehabilitate 80 EA manholes.
  • Perform all necessary surface restoration, including paved and unpaved areas.

Owner: City of Portland

Engineer: City of Portland

Location: Portland, Oregon

Completion Date: 2017

Oldham Meadows Subdivision

Emery & Sons was responsible for the construction of 38 lots and street improvements along Rigert and 175th. This work included cut/fill of over 10,000cy, water, storm and sewer utilities, 3’x5’ box culvert in existing stream, franchise utilities, street lighting, Ultra-block Walls, tree removal, clearing and grubbing, curb and sidewalk construction, asphalt paving, and signage.

Owner: Evergreen Pacific

Engineer: AKS Engineering

Location: Beaverton, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

City of Lake Oswego – Westcott Court Storm Repair

Emery & Sons was responsible for the emergency repairs and permeant rehabilitation of the collapsed 48″ storm drainage pipe. The emergency repair work included: Removal of all debris from sink hole and stabilization of immediate area of pipe collapse, removal of tree stumps, hedges and fences from work area. Rehabilitation work included: Sliplining of approximately 342 linear feet of the existing 48-inch diameter Aluminum Helical Pipe with 42-inch Snap-Tite® HDPE pipe, reconnecting the existing service laterals to new pipe, inspecting and connecting carrier pipe to the existing storm system manholes, grout filling the annular space, erosion and traffic control, surface restoration, repairing irrigation systems, tree removal and mitigation planting.

Owner: City of Lake Oswego

Engineer: NA

Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016