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City of Lake Oswego – Finished Water Pipeline – Schedule 4

Work on this project consisted of the following:

  • Construction of approximately 5,230 LF of 42-inch diameter welded steel potable water pipeline, including valves, fittings, and appurtenances.
  • Construction of approximately 204 LF of self-supported pipeline bridge crossing including fittings and appurtenances.
  • Construction of approximately 80 LF of 42-inch diameter welded steel potable water pipeline inside a 54-inch casing with the rail road right-of-way.
  • Related work included cathodic protection facilities, drainage facilities, grinding and overlaying roadways, removal and replacement of Portland Concrete Cement panels, abandoning existing

Owner: City of Lake Oswego

Engineer: Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

City of Hood River – Waste Water Treatment Plant Outfall Extension Project

The construction of this projects consisted of modifications to the existing effluent structure of the waste water treatment plant’s disinfection basin, installation of approximately 1,985-feet of new out of water 36-inch HDPE outfall pipe with related manholes, installation of approximately 335-feet of new in-water 34-inch HDPE outfall pipe, installation of a new HDPE 12-port in-water diffuser, and construction of a new bike path. Construction also included the reconstruction of the cul-de-sac at the western end of Portway Avenue, and modifications to the existing storm water collection system to satisfy DEQ requirements.

Owner: City of Hood River

Engineer: Bell Design Company

Location: Hood River, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

City of Bend – NE 2nd and Penn Sewer Improvement Project

Emery & Sons was responsible for the construction of approximately 230 LF of sanitary sewer main improvements within Penn Avenue and Quincy Avenue right of way. Construction of new facilities included the abandonment of a utilized sewer main and re-establishment of several existing services. Sewer improvements required the construction and installation of several items ancillary to the pipe, including:
Traffic control, rock excavation and removal, manhole adjustments, new manholes, sewer services, HMAC, striping, concrete structures, etc.

Owner: City of Bend

Engineer: Sun Country Engineering & Surveying, Inc.

Location: Bend, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

City of Astoria – CSO Phase 4 – 16th Street Separation Project

The 16th St CSO Project in Astoria was a street reconstruction project with the intent to separate the storm and sewer system while upgrading the street along the way. The project was located on the south side of Hwy 30 up towards the Astoria Column on 13-14% grade roads. The project consisted of the removal of 2,100 SY of walk and driveway, 65 each catch basins, and 3 each manholes. A 200 LF slip-lining of 24-inch diameter HDPE through existing 30-inch sewer was performed which required the use of a 16” reversible pneumatic hammer. Prior to the slip-lining 3 each 40’ deep and 1 each 30’ deep groundwater control wells at 24” diameter were installed as this area was anticipated to have a lot of groundwater. We installed new storm drainage mainline on each street for 8,935 LF of 12” PVC. There were 55 each 48” manholes and 2 each 60” manholes installed with the storm drainage mainline. Each intersection also had new catch basins for a total of 90 each and 8” PVC inlet leads at 3,400 LF. There was a small amount of sewer improvements consisting of 635 LF of 12” PVC, and 630 LF of 6” PVC laterals. The project also required the installation of waterlines varying from 4” to 14” Ductile Iron for 1,980 LF and 2” to 12” Gate Vales for 22 each. There was 2 each fire hydrant assemblies and 1 each 14” Butterfly Valves installed. Due to lack of surveying provided on the job, the new ADA ramps became a design/build. We constructed 6,200 SF of ADA ramps, 1,000 SY of sidewalk, 410 SY of driveway, and 4,900 LF of curbs. The final major construction item was 22,650 SY of 16” street reconstructs inclusive of 4” of asphalt paving for 5,300 tons over 12” of 1” minus on subgrade geotextile.

Owner: City of Astoria

Engineer: Gibbs & Olson

Location: Astoria, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

Deschutes Valley Water District – 24-inch Steel Pipeline (Opal Springs Project)

The Deschutes Valley Water District – 24-inch Steel Pipeline-Opal Springs Project consists of the installation of 2,361 linear feet of 24 inch welded steel pipe. Also included are five roadway storm water culverts, a 24 inch BFV, a 12 inch BFV, two three inch high pressure bypasses with necessary appurtenances and approximately sixty feet of 12 inch drain pipe to the Crooked River. The line will connect the valve house at Opal springs up slope to the tie in point more than half way up Crooked River Canyon. With a difference of over 400 feet in elevation gain and instances of 30 degree or steeper slopes being common Emery & Sons was able to safely and efficiently work through the ever changing winter conditions of central Oregon. With this project quite literally being perched on a cliff Emery & Sons overcame extremely limited access through careful planning and coordination with the owner, all the while maintaining a limited access plan in case of emergency. Nearly the entire run required rock excavation efforts and the use of a hydraulic hammer was implemented to maintain production. Due to a change order required by a design flaw and out of Emery control the project came in just over $50,000.00 over budget.

Owner: Deschutes Valley Water District

Engineer: Newton Consultants

Location: Madras, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016


Clean Water Services – Onion Flat Trunk Sewer Upgrade

Emery & Sons was responsible for the installation of 298 linear feet of 42-inch sanitary sewer pipe, 4749 linear feet of 27-inch sanitary sewer pipe, 112 linear feet of 30-inch sanitary sewer pipe, 14 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer pipe, 15 manholes, 236 linear feet of trenchless crossing and casing under Highway 99, dewatering and restoring the Creek Crossing, removing contaminated soils, abandoning 5240 linear feet of existing sanitary sewer pipe and 14 manholes, and providing all other appurtenances, materials and equipment necessary to construct a fully functioning and complete project.

Owner: Clean Water Services

Engineer: Clean Water Services

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

City of Portland – Piedmont Sewer Rehabilitation Projedt

The Piedmont Sewer Rehabilitation Project involves the new construction, replacement, and rehabilitation of combination sewer, sanitary sewer, and manholes in North Portland near N Lombard St. Work shall include, but not limited to:

  • Construct, maintain, and remove temporary work zone traffic control measures.
  • Construct, maintain, and remove erosion control measures.
  • Construct, maintain, and remove temporary diversion of flow.
  • Perform all removal of structures and obstruction, clearing and grubbing, and earthwork operations.
  • Construct drainage system including sewer pipes, manholes, and inlets.
  • Rehabilitate sewer pipes using open-cut (2,133 LF of 6” PVC; and 2,774 LF of 12” PVC).
  • Rehabilitate sewer pipes using pipe bursting (3,940 LF of 12” HDPE; 660 LF of 14” HDPE; 581 LF of 16” HDPE; and 284 LF of 18” HDPE).
  • Rehabilitate sewer pipes using cured-in-place-pipe or CIPP (978 LF of 8” CIPP Liner; 260 LF of 10” CIPP Liner; 479 LF of 12” CIPP Liner; and 666 LF of 15” CIPP Liner).
  • Construct 7 EA Mainline Spot Repairs 6” to 21”.
  • Rehabilitate 20 EA manholes.
  • Construct roadway improvements including HMAC wearing surfaces.

Owner: City of Portland

Engineer: City of Portland

Location: Portland, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

City of Portland – 2016 Local Improvement Districts Project

The 2016 Local Improvement Districts Project involves the construction of street improvements along the following streets:

  • NE Couch Ct: NE 3rd Ave – NE Couch St LID
  • SW 45th Ave and California St LID

Work shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Perform all removal of structures and obstructions, clearing and grubbing, and earthwork operations.
  • Construct drainage system including water quality facilities, sewer pipes, manholes, and inlets.
  • Construct roadway improvements including aggregate base, MWMAC wearing surfaces, concrete curb and sidewalks.
  • Place pavement markings and striping.
  • Install signage
  • Install illumination.
  • Roadside development including seeding, planting, fencing, and mailboxes.
  • Construct sanitary sewers and manholes.
  • The sewer installation on SW 45th was especially challenging due to the many utility conflicts in the new alignment.

Construct sanitary sewers and manholes.

Owner: City of Portland

Engineer: City of Portland

Location: Portland, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

City of Gresham – East Basin Trunk Upgrade Phase 2

The project primarily involves pipe bursting. There were two open cut runs of 21” PVC for a total of 82 LF. We bursted 15” Concrete to 22” HDPE for 1,199 LF, 15” Concrete to 20” HDPE for 266 LF, and 12” Concrete to 20” HDPE all of which required sewer bypassing with an 8” primarily and 8” backup pump. There is a total of nine separate bursts each which had an insertion pit and a pull pit. The average depth for the pits is 14 feet deep. Each burst had a new 48” manhole installed for a total of 11 each manholes. There was an added poured in place manhole at the last burst location which will be the future starting point of the next burst project. There was also 5 each service laterals to reconnect once the burst was complete. This was a difficult project as we were working within the compounds of an apartment which meant we had limited staging for materials and equipment and lengths for fusing pipe. At times we were forced to weld the pipe at a midpoint on a pipe bursting day. The contract allowed for a 130 calendar day period.

Owner: City of Gresham

Engineer: City of Gresham

Location: Gresham, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016

City of Grants Pass – Webster Lift Station

Emery & Sons was responsible for the Construction of the Webster Lift Station No. 1, including below-grade wet well and valve vault, inlet gravity sanitary sewer pipeline, and above-grade control panel, backflow preventer, and associated site work. The Work also consists of decommission and partial demolition of the existing Webster Lift Station No. 1, pavement rehabilitation, parking lot restriping, and electrical conduit extension and service modifications. During installation of the 12 inch influent sanitary sewer, extensive ground water was encountered. Emery crews implemented a dewatering system to move approximately 1000 GPM within a highly utilized public park. Emery and Sons has received nothing but high regards for their interaction with the public and the care taken to keep the park as usable as possible. Restoration for this project will include 100 lf of mountable curb and 200 lf of sidewalk along with a drivable grass surface stabilized with Grass Pave II.

Owner: City of Grants Pass

Engineer: Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016