Tanks and Reservoirs

City of Salem – Mill Creek Reservoir

Emery & Sons is responsible for the construction of a 140-foot diameter 2.3 million gallon partially buried pre-stressed concrete reservoir and an associated 1,900 square foot control building, complete with SCADA system for radio telemetry. The control building houses valves, and flow meters required for the operation of the reservoir as well as a 1,200 […]

City of Portland – Emergency Fanno Force Main-Hydraulic Surge Tank

Work under this contract includes, but is not limited to: Installation of erosion control measures; Installation of shoring to facilitate excavation and protection of existing pump station structure from settlement; Excavation of area for installation of buried hydraulic surge tank and expose existing force main pipe; Installation of tee connection, buried isolation valve, connection piping, […]

City of Portland – Forest Park Low Tank – Utility Extension

Work performed under this contract consisted of furnishing all services, materials, equipment and labor necessary for the construction of a fully buried 1.3 million gallon (MG) pre-stressed concrete reservoir and associated appurtenances at the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) property located northeast of the intersection of NW Skyline Boulevard and NW Hawkins Boulevard in NW Portland. […]

P.U.D. No. 2 of Grant County – Priest Rapids Water System Improvements

The Priest Rapids Water System Improvements project will serve to replace the existing deteriorating MC&S water system installed in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. This system currently supplies domestic water to the PR Fish Hatchery Incubation Building, PRFH Fish Trap, PRFH Freezer Building, Siphon Intake Vacuum Pump Shaft Seals, PR Warehouse, PR Auto Shop, […]

City of Tigard – 3.0 MG 550-Foot Service Zone Reservoir #2

Construction of 3 MG Reservoir, 24,000 CY of site excavation, base preparation, completely backfill reservoir after completion, build park on buried reservoir, foundation drainage piping, yard piping, 2000 LF of 24” DI water main, 700 LF of 18” DI water main, ½ street improvements on Bull Mountain Rd., off-site hauling through congested areas, traffic control, […]