Trenchless Construction

City of Portland – Ash Creek (West of S.W. 57th Ave.) Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

For several years, the City of Portland worked to stop sewer overflows to South Ash Creek during wet weather. In 2006, the City installed a temporary bypass pipe on the surface near the creek to prevent overflows. Beginning in October, 2013 crews from Emery & Sons repaired portions of the sewer, removed the temporary pipe […]

City of Portland – Overlook Sewer Replacement Project

The Overlook Sewer Replacement Project involved the replacement, and rehabilitation of combination sewer, manholes and inlets along 43 streets in North Portland. Due to the densely populated commercial and residential areas, extensive public outreach and planning was required to minimize disturbance to neighborhoods, businesses, and the travelling public. Construction included a variety of techniques including […]

City of Beaverton – Arctic Drive to 107th Avenue Sanitary Sewer and S.W. 107th Avenue Storm Drainage Project

Major items of construction included: • Construction of approximately 1,500 linear feet of new 6-inch and 8-inch sanitary sewer lines by open trench excavation. • Installation of approximately 1,750 linear feet of new 8-inch sanitary sewer line by pipe bursting of the existing 8-inch asbestos cement of 8-inch unreinforced concrete pipes. • Slip-lining 265 linear […]

City of Portland – Upper Hillsdale Sub-Basin RDII Pilot Project

This project involved rehabilitation of approximately 8,700 lineal feet of 8-inch pipe by insertion of a cured-in-place pipe liner, installation of approximately 200 lineal feet of 8-inch PVC pipe by open cut methods, and roughly 200 lineal feet of 8-inch pipe by pipe bursting. This project also evaluated the condition of and locations of all […]

City of Longview – Triangle Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The design of this project was to provide a sustainable water quality & environmental infrastructure. In the past grease buildup required frequent cleaning of the sewer main in the alley between Washington Way and the Triangle Center. This caused significant deterioration of the pipeline. This project replaced approximately 2,600 feet of 8-inch and 10-inch sewer […]

Washington County – Brookwood Ave.-T.V. Highway to East Main Street

The Brookwood Ave. TV Highway to East Main Street project is a 1-1/2 mile section of road reconstruction and widening that adds turn lanes, bike lanes, curbs, sidewalks & illumination to this section of road. When finished it will have included over 21,000 CY of excavation & embankment, 22,000+ tons of base rock, 7,150+ SY […]

Clean Water Services – North Plains Pump Station Relocation

Construction of a new 4.0 MGD submersible pump station functional capacity, with provision for increasing the capacity to 6.0 MGD in the future. Work includes constructing a replacement pump station within the confines of the existing ½ acre pump station site. Emery and Sons developed a work plan that allowed the existing pump station to […]

City of Fairview – Cedar Street Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Pipe bursting included approximately 2,325 lf of 8-inch diameter concrete sanitary sewer main with HDPE liner. Replaced approximately 70 sewer laterals, utilizing pipe bursting and open cut methods. Installed new sewer laterals to be used for future connections. Surface restoration and asphalt concrete overlay. Owner:  City of Fairview Engineer:  Wallis Engineering Location:  Fairview, Oregon Completion […]

City of Corvallis – 2011-2012 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Pipe bursting approximately 2,130 LF of 8″ sanitary sewer pipe through existing sewers and replacement with 8″ HDPE and approximately 150 LF of 8″ storm drain pipe through existing storm drains and replacement with 12″ HDPE pipe, locating, excavating, video inspecting, rerouting and/or reconnecting 98 EA 4” sewer service laterals located in back yards, removing/replacing […]

City of Hillsboro – TV Highway – 1911/1936 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

This project is part of the City’s continuing effort to replace aging sanitary lines within the 1911 and 1936 sanitary sewer districts. The project replaced about 23,370 feet of sanitary sewer main line and most of the connected building laterals. All building sewer laterals were inspected and replaced if needed. Replacing these almost 100 year […]