City of Corvallis – 2015-16 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

On April 3, 2015, Emery & Sons Construction Group was awarded the 2015-16 Sewer Rehabilitation Project. The purpose of this project was to replace a portion of the City’s failing Sanitary Sewer system via pipe bursting methods. The scope of work included the following: 2,902 LF of 8” Pipe Bursting and Replacing with 10” HDPE Pipe; 772 LF of 10” Pipe Bursting and Replacing with 10” HDPE Pipe; Reconnection of 104 EA Sewer Laterals; 6 EA 48” Sanitary Manholes; Removal and Replacement of driveways, sidewalks, curb, curb and gutter; Asphalt Concrete Trench Patching; Landscape Restoration and Fence Restoration.

What made this project unique is the fact that most of the sewer mainlines run along the back side of the homeowner’s property lines. Only one schedule of the seven actually ran within the limits of an existing street. As one can imagine, trying to work in a homeowner’s backyard can be challenging. Add to that in some locations we were 18 – 20 FT deep at the main. We could only access the lateral connections with a mini excavator so therefore, after a certain point, our crews had to hand dig to reach the sewer main. While working in backyards we had to pay particular attention to landscaping as well as existing features. Our crew’s utilized plywood to place excavation spoils on as well as run equipment on. Our continued attention to detail minimized the amount of restoration that we had to do at the end of the project.

Owner: City of Corvallis

Engineer: City of Corvallis

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Completion Date: 2015