City of Corvallis – Taylor Water Treatment Plant Mixing Equipment Improvements

On October 19, 2012 Emery & Sons Construction was awarded the contract for the “Taylor Plant Mixing Equipment Improvements” for the City of Corvallis. The Taylor Water Treatment Plant is located in SE Corvallis adjacent to the Willamette River. This treatment plant treats river water for potable water distribution throughout the City of Corvallis. The work involved with this contract includes the demolition of the existing raw water piping through the City’s Taylor Water Treatment Plant bulk chemical building. In addition a new fabricated steel manifold pipe ranging in size for 24-inch to 36-inch as well as various valves and fittings will be installed in the pipe gallery. A new chemical pump and water metering equipment will be incorporated into the completed work. All of the work involved careful coordination with City of Corvallis staff to minimize interference and interruption of the normal operation of the existing facility as well as making temporary connections.

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Owner: City of Corvallis

Engineer: West Yost Associates

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Completion Date: 2013