City of Grants Pass – Webster Lift Station

Emery & Sons was responsible for the Construction of the Webster Lift Station No. 1, including below-grade wet well and valve vault, inlet gravity sanitary sewer pipeline, and above-grade control panel, backflow preventer, and associated site work. The Work also consists of decommission and partial demolition of the existing Webster Lift Station No. 1, pavement rehabilitation, parking lot restriping, and electrical conduit extension and service modifications. During installation of the 12 inch influent sanitary sewer, extensive ground water was encountered. Emery crews implemented a dewatering system to move approximately 1000 GPM within a highly utilized public park. Emery and Sons has received nothing but high regards for their interaction with the public and the care taken to keep the park as usable as possible. Restoration for this project will include 100 lf of mountable curb and 200 lf of sidewalk along with a drivable grass surface stabilized with Grass Pave II.

Owner: City of Grants Pass

Engineer: Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016