City of Gresham – East Basin Trunk Upgrade Phase 2

The project primarily involves pipe bursting. There were two open cut runs of 21” PVC for a total of 82 LF. We bursted 15” Concrete to 22” HDPE for 1,199 LF, 15” Concrete to 20” HDPE for 266 LF, and 12” Concrete to 20” HDPE all of which required sewer bypassing with an 8” primarily and 8” backup pump. There is a total of nine separate bursts each which had an insertion pit and a pull pit. The average depth for the pits is 14 feet deep. Each burst had a new 48” manhole installed for a total of 11 each manholes. There was an added poured in place manhole at the last burst location which will be the future starting point of the next burst project. There was also 5 each service laterals to reconnect once the burst was complete. This was a difficult project as we were working within the compounds of an apartment which meant we had limited staging for materials and equipment and lengths for fusing pipe. At times we were forced to weld the pipe at a midpoint on a pipe bursting day. The contract allowed for a 130 calendar day period.

Owner: City of Gresham

Engineer: City of Gresham

Location: Gresham, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016