City of Junction City – 2013 I&I Reduction Project, Schedules A&B

This project for the City of Junction City required the replacement of approximately 8,500 lineal feet of gravity sewer mainline and service laterals. Sewer mains and laterals were replaced by a combination of pipe bursting and open cut construction. This project also included the replacement of associated manholes and railroad bore crossings where PVC gravity sewer pipes were installed in steel bore casings.

Owner:  City of Junction City

Engineer:  Westech Engineering

Location:  Junction City, Oregon

Completion Date:  2013

Bursting from MH B26 to MH B25 Last burst MH A52 to A53 Open cut backfill MH B23 to B25, Open cut between MH A17 and A18 4 Pipe bursting MH A14 to A16.2jpg Welding pipe for MH B26 to B25 #2 Bursting from MH B40 to MH B39 #3 Bursting from MH B40 to MH B39 2 MH removal 6th Ave. 12th Ave open cut