City of Newberg – Wastewater Treatment Plant Repair, Restoration and Expansion

The work at the Newberg WWTP SP 202 involves two main sites, the IPS and Headworks. The work at the existing pump station includes the installation of (2) 84″ manholes, and approximately 180 lf of 36″ PVC sewer pipe, 28′ deep. Because of the depth, the close proximity to wetlands and the water table, the excavation will require engineered shoring. The shoring utilized will be driven Z-piles, 40 ‘ in length. In addition to the pipe work and site demo at the IPS, there will be demo of existing utilities, removal and restoration of asphalt and concrete and excavation for the new Headworks building as well as the installation of auger cast piles.

Owner: City of Newberg

Engineer: HDR Engineering, Inc.

Location: Newberg, Oregon

Completion Date: 2014