City of Portland – Emergency Fanno Force Main-Hydraulic Surge Tank

Work under this contract includes, but is not limited to:

Installation of erosion control measures; Installation of shoring to facilitate excavation and protection of existing pump station structure from settlement; Excavation of area for installation of buried hydraulic surge tank and expose existing force main pipe; Installation of tee connection, buried isolation valve, connection piping, and thrust block; Installation of a buried hydraulic surge tank between the existing pump station and force main; Installation of a concrete foundation slab; Connection of piping from force main to surge tank; Installation of a vault over the top of the tank for maintenance access; Removal and salvage of existing storage cabinets in pump station control room; Installation of compressor system and receiver tank in control room; Installation of control panel in control room; Installation of air piping between hydraulic surge tank and compressor; Installation of power and control wiring between control room and surge tank; Excavation, installation of piping, installation of thrust block, and backfill for the Force Main Tie-In; Restoration of surface features including pavement.

Beaverton Valley Times Newspaper Photo 05-23-13 IMG_0030

Owner:  City of Portland

Engineer:  Brown & Caldwell

Location:  Portland, Oregon

Completion Date:  2013