City of Portland – Upper Hillsdale Sub-Basin RDII Pilot Project

This project involved rehabilitation of approximately 8,700 lineal feet of 8-inch pipe by insertion of a cured-in-place pipe liner, installation of approximately 200 lineal feet of 8-inch PVC pipe by open cut methods, and roughly 200 lineal feet of 8-inch pipe by pipe bursting. This project also evaluated the condition of and locations of all connections to all sewer laterals that are part of the project and rehabilitation of up to 13,300 lineal feet of lateral pipe, of which approximately 2,500 lineal feet was in the right of way and the other 8,800 lineal feet was on private property. An additional 1,000 lineal feet of new sewer laterals were also built as part of this project. The project also included installation of cleanouts and backwater valves on private property, as required by the plumbing code, and installation of one new manhole. Adjustments were also made to several other manholes.

Owner:  City of Portland

Engineer:  City of Portland

Location:  Portland, Oregon

Completion Date:  2014

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