City of Salem – Downtown Interceptor

Assist design engineer and owner in completion of project design. Services included material and subcontractor procurement, permitting, budgeting and developing the GMP. Construction involved installation of 4,000 LF of 48” RCP sanitary sewer 16-25 feet deep, construction of a 25’ x 40’ sewer consolidation structure, surface restoration, and traffic control in a highly visible and congestive downtown area.

This project was located in the heart of downtown Salem with construction adjacent to structure listed in the Oregon Historical Society. The existing infrastructure that this project replaced was installed in the early 20th century. Much of the site contained hazardous material which required mitigation efforts. This project was unique in that the existing sewer system had to be kept in service even though we were replacing the main sewer interceptor. Several value engineering and innovative construction ideas presented by Emery & Sons allowed this project to be delivered under budget and ahead of schedule.

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Owner: City of Salem

Engineer: Black & Veatch

Location: Salem, Oregon

Completion Date: 2008