City of Salem – Mill Creek Reservoir

Emery & Sons is responsible for the construction of a 140-foot diameter 2.3 million gallon partially buried pre-stressed concrete reservoir and an associated 1,900 square foot control building, complete with SCADA system for radio telemetry. The control building houses valves, and flow meters required for the operation of the reservoir as well as a 1,200 gpm duplex booster pump station, miscellaneous instruments, a tablet chlorinator and a recirculation pump for monitoring and boosting chlorine residuals. A seismically activated valve isolation system is also required. General site improvements include the installation of 960 feet of 18-inch ductile iron pipe, the paving of 1,500 linear feet of an existing gravel access roadway, and the installation of 2,700 linear feet of chain link fence as well as earthwork to prepare the site for a second future reservoir of the same size. Over 40,000 CY of excavation is required for this project, and large boulders were encountered during the excavation. Drainage pipe, swales and detention areas were also required to accommodate the new site contours.

Owner:  City of Salem

Engineer:  Westech Engineering

Location:  Salem, Oregon

Completion Date:  2014

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