City of Stayton – Water System Improvements

This project involved improvements to the existing City of Stayton Water Treatment Plant which included maintenance of the raw water intake, replacement of the slow sand Filter No. 3 liner and media, soda ash feed modifications , modifications to the plant disinfection system, clear well maintenance, two new 100 hp pumps, 1 with AFD, automation, instrumentation and electrical upgrades, and security improvements. Improvements to the Pine street Booster Pump Station include 5 new 25 hp pumps, 2 with AFD’s, automation, instrumentation and electrical upgrades.

The majority of the work associated with the project was the reconstruction of slow sand Filter No. 3. Filter No. 3 was approximately 35,000 SF in size. A new 6 mil HDPE liner was installed complete with anchor trench, an initial gravel layer (3370 CY/5400 Ton) was installed with new under drain pipe system, followed by the sand media layer (4500 CY/6930 Ton). The sand media was placed utilizing a combination of low ground pressure equipment and a Putmeister Telebelt®. All media was placed within specification. Emery & Sons Construction previously reconstructed slow sand filters #1 & #2 in 1996 as well as the original reconstruction of slow sand filter #3 in 1993. Each of these early projects were constructed with Martin Boatwright of Boatwright Engineering who was the City Engineer at that time.

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Owner: City of Stayton

Engineer: Black & Veatch

Location: Stayton, Oregon

Completion Date: 2010