Clean Water Services – North Plains Pump Station Relocation

Construction of a new 4.0 MGD submersible pump station functional capacity, with provision for increasing the capacity to 6.0 MGD in the future. Work includes constructing a replacement pump station within the confines of the existing ½ acre pump station site. Emery and Sons developed a work plan that allowed the existing pump station to remain operational during the new pump station construction, and testing process thereby eliminating a one year temporary diversion pumping process.

In addition to the construction of a new pump station, the contract work included demolishing the existing pump station and constructing a new force main and gravity sanitary sewer. Pump station improvements include: Constructing a 15-foot diameter, 45 foot deep CIP wet well with two 250-horsepower 6-inch submersible pumps and piping, valves and flow meters; Constructing a 1,100 square foot control building with below grade valve vault; Supply and installation of an 800 KW diesel backup generator and associated switchgear to be operated and maintained by PGE under its DSG program; Construction of a chemical feed system with 5000 gallon containment tank; Associated mechanical/HVAC, electrical/control systems, and construction of associated site improvements including site parking and paving, landscaping and irrigation, engineered retaining wall, and site security fencing.

In association with the pump station, the contract included constructing 26,000 feet of 18-inch diameter PVC C905 pressure force main, approximately 700 feet of 24-inch diameter PVC gravity sanitary sewer, installation of three horizontal augur bores beneath US Highway 26, Jackson School Road, and Brookwood Parkway; and installation of approximately 3,500 LF of 20” DR 11 HDPE force main by direction drilling methods.

Work include coordination of twenty subcontractors and working in cooperation of multiple public jurisdictions including ODOT, Clean Water Services, City of Hillsboro, City of North Plains, Washington County, and ODEQ.

Clean Water Services – North Plains Pump Station Relocation 02 Clean Water Services – North Plains Pump Station Relocation 01 MH 1 Pit Exc DSCN0100 DSCN0099 Wetwell Footing Pour 1-27-12 Wetwell Footing Pour #2 1-27-12 Wetwell Wall Pour #1 complete 2-3-12 Wetwell Pour #1 Stripped - 2-6-12 Wetwell Rebar Installation 1-31-12

Owner: Clean Water Services

Engineer: Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.

Location: North Plains, Oregon

Completion Date: 2012