Deschutes Valley Water District – 24-inch Steel Pipeline (Opal Springs Project)

The Deschutes Valley Water District – 24-inch Steel Pipeline-Opal Springs Project consists of the installation of 2,361 linear feet of 24 inch welded steel pipe. Also included are five roadway storm water culverts, a 24 inch BFV, a 12 inch BFV, two three inch high pressure bypasses with necessary appurtenances and approximately sixty feet of 12 inch drain pipe to the Crooked River. The line will connect the valve house at Opal springs up slope to the tie in point more than half way up Crooked River Canyon. With a difference of over 400 feet in elevation gain and instances of 30 degree or steeper slopes being common Emery & Sons was able to safely and efficiently work through the ever changing winter conditions of central Oregon. With this project quite literally being perched on a cliff Emery & Sons overcame extremely limited access through careful planning and coordination with the owner, all the while maintaining a limited access plan in case of emergency. Nearly the entire run required rock excavation efforts and the use of a hydraulic hammer was implemented to maintain production. Due to a change order required by a design flaw and out of Emery control the project came in just over $50,000.00 over budget.

Owner: Deschutes Valley Water District

Engineer: Newton Consultants

Location: Madras, Oregon

Completion Date: 2016