Oregon Department of Parks & Recreation – L.L. “Stub” Stewart Memorial State Park

Highlight of the construction activities on this project included clearing and grubbing 60 acres of heavily forested area, 160,000 cy excavation; 126,000 cy of embankment, slope stabilization including plantings and placement of jute matting and hydro seeding, 38,000 cy of crushed rock placement, 7,600 ton of asphalt pavement, 28,000 LF of waterline installation, 2 ea. 30,000 gallon reservoirs, 20,000 LF of sanitary sewer installation (8,000 LF gravity sewer / 12,000 LF of HDPE pressure sewer), 6 septic systems which included 17 drain fields and 24 septic tanks, 68,000 LF of electrical/phone conduit, 8,000 LF of storm sewer installation and construction of 11 restroom/shower buildings.

With the completion of this facility the new state park offers two full service campgrounds with 77 camp sites, day use area, hike-in camp area, cabin village with 15 new cabins, 12 tent campsites, equestrian campground with 16 full service campsites, several miles of new trails and fabulous views of the Oregon Coast Mountain Range. The original conditions of the site made the design survey completely inaccurate and thus all of the grades for the earthwork and gravity flow utilities had to be designed and built in the field. Due to these challenges, this project took a very quick spin in the direction of design/build construction. Emery & Sons assisted in the redesign and construction of each development area and delivered a very exciting project to the State of Oregon. This project was located in a heavily timbered are of the coat mountain range. This area faces extreme weather conditions and throughout the duration of the project we experienced record rainfall and wind storms. The first construction season involved clearing and grubbing the entire park footprint and implementing erosion control measures. The following season focused on earthwork and utility installation followed by the finished surfacing and beautification of the project. The entire work area was closed to the public until the project was completed. Throughout construction this project remained very high profile to the State of Oregon and Washington County with weekly media visits updating Oregonians on the progress of the park.

IMG_2497 IMG_2498 IMG_2501 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 2-16-07 066 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 2-16-07 100 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 068 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 069 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 072 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 074 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 080 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 082 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 091 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 094 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 095 L.L. Stub Progress Photos 099 L.L. Stub Stewart Day after Paving 10-10-06 002 L.L. Stub Stewart Day after Paving 10-10-06 010 L.L. Stub Stewart Day after Paving 10-10-06 015 L.L. Stub Stewart Day after Paving 10-10-06 023 L.L. Stub Stewart Day after Paving 10-10-06 041 L.L. Stub Stewart Day after Paving 10-10-06 043 L.L. Stub Stewart Day after Paving 10-10-06 085 L.L. Stub Stewart Misc Pictures 045 L.L. Stub Stewart Photos 023 L.L. Stub Stewart Photos 028 L.L. Stub Stewart Progress Photos 009 Miscellaneous Job Pictures 023 Miscellaneous Pictures 048 DSCF0012 DSCF0013 DSCF0014 DSCF0022 IMG_2494

Owner:  Oregon Department of Parks & Recreation

Engineer:  CH2M Hill

Location:  Vernonia, Oregon

Completion:  2007