Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (MWMC) – Sodium Hypochlorite Conversion

Schedule A: Sodium Hypochlorite Conversion Scope of Work:

• Demolition and removal of existing mechanical equipment, piping, pavement, and electrical components.

• Sodium hypochlorite storage area and pump building.

• Sodium hypochlorite recirculation and metering pumps in new pump building.

• Three storage tanks for sodium hypochlorite.

• Sodium bisulfate storage and metering pumps inside existing chlorine scrubber room.

• Two storage tanks for sodium bisulfate.

• Distribution piping to deliver sodium hypochlorite to existing secondary effluent channel, and connection points to primary effluent diversion structure and primary effluent chlorine contact basin.

• Electrical conduit and wiring for power and control of system sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulfate systems.

• Static mixer and sodium hypochlorite injection piping in existing secondary effluent channel.

• Static mixer and sodium bisulfate injection piping in existing sulfonation chamber.

• Sampling pumps at existing secondary effluent channel and sulfonation chamber.

• Chlorine and bisulfate analyzers in existing chlorination room.

• New landscaping and irrigation.

• New boat sanitary waste disposal dump at existing RV dump.

• New pavement and sidewalks.

• Electrical, control, piping, and civil interfaces with separate peak flow management improvements project

Schedule B: Boat Waste:

• Construct a boat waste pump out facility.

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Owner: Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (MWMC)

Engineer: HDR Engineering

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Completion Date: 2010