City of Stayton – Mill Creek Sanitary Sewer

The work involved the design and construction of 10,000 LF of 12” – 24” gravity sanitary sewer; 9,000 LF of 20” HDPE pressure sewer (open cut and trenchless techniques used); construction of a new 3,000 GPM wastewater lift station designed for future expansion up to 8,200 GPM. This project required crossing a 400’ wide x 600’ long wetland area of the Lucus Ditch in Stayton Oregon for the installation a large gravity flow sewer pipe. This crossing was accomplished with the use of large aqua dams running parallel to the pipe alignment. Dewatering of this area was accomplished with the use of large diesel pumps. The dewatered area required the removal of fish by a licensed subcontractor prior to the pipe installation. The pipe alignment through this area was restored to original condition at the completion of the pipe installation. This project also included the construction of a 30’+ deep concrete sewer lift station constructed by Emery and Sons. The slide rail system used for shoring this excavation was 30’x30’x38’. Impacts to existing utilities, properties, wetlands and traffic along existing roadways were required. Design team members included Tetra Tech/KCM (Pump Station), Westech Engineering (Pipeline), R&W Engineering (Electrical), Fishman Environmental (Environmental Impact), Heritage Research Associates (Archaeological Impact), and GeoEngineers (Geotechnical). Emery & Sons Construction was responsible for all aspects of design, permitting, ROW acquisition, DEQ approval as well as construction of the project. Due to a very high groundwater table and unstable ground conditions in a very limited work area Emery and Sons Construction chose to utilize a slide rail shoring system. This system was employed to limit he risks of caving ground conditions and of maintaining a project schedule to allow us the most efficient and safe way to minimize the duration of time that this excavation had to remain open.

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Owner: City of Stayton

Engineer: Keller Associates

Location: Stayton, Oregon

Completion Date: 2006