Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Training Campus

Emery & Sons Construction was tasked with the site work and utility package for the construction of the new training academy. This work involved 500,000 CY of earthwork; 140,000 ton of aggregate placement; 8,700 lf of joint domestic/fire waterline; 12,000 LF of storm sewer; 5,700 lf of sanitary sewer; 30,000 CY of rock blasting removal; construction of a 2 mile obstacle course and various site work improvements over the 180 acres that were affected on this site. Additional scope of work was added to Emery and Sons construction’s contract as value engineering ideas and cost saving measures were implemented to reduce the overall project budget. This added work included replacing several failing sewers and other antiquated utilities in the maximum security men’s prison adjacent to the site. This site was a 212 acre raw site previously used in agriculture production. The work involved transforming this site into a training campus for the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. Key aspects to give dimensions of the total project: construction of 12 buildings totaling 300,000 SF; nine miles of utility conduit; 158,000 concrete blocks utilized; 20,000 CY of concrete poured; 500,000 CY of dirt moved; 100,000 CY of gravel and rock laid; 350,000 labor hours, and more than 3.25 million dollars in subcontracts to minority-owned, women-owned and emerging business operators.

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Owner:  Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

General Contractor:  Hoffman Construction Company

Engineer:  Westech Engineering

Location:  Salem, Oregon

Completion Date:  2006