P.U.D. No. 2 of Grant County – Priest Rapids Water System Improvements

The Priest Rapids Water System Improvements project will serve to replace the existing deteriorating MC&S water system installed in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. This system currently supplies domestic water to the PR Fish Hatchery Incubation Building, PRFH Fish Trap, PRFH Freezer Building, Siphon Intake Vacuum Pump Shaft Seals, PR Warehouse, PR Auto Shop, PR Warehouse and various water spigots and fire hydrants. The new systems construction includes a 170’+ tall, 250,000 gallon elevated water reservoir, well building, pumps, 22,000+ LF of 2” to 16” welded HDPE supply lines and valves, internal powerhouse piping, ARV’s, fire hydrants, services and pressure reducing stations. Other components of the system include electrical, control equipment, current system modifications, multiple trenchless crossings, concrete coring of the existing powerhouse, chemical injection equipment, paving, seeding, dewatering, well modifications, coatings and erosion control. Along with the items supplied by the current system the new system will also supply water to the new Wanapum Heritage Center that is currently under construction. This project began in late May of 2012 and is on schedule to be completed by mid July of 2013.

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Owner:  P.U.D. No. 2 of Grant County

Engineer:  RH2 Engineering

Location:  Priest Rapids Dam, WA.

Completion Date:  2013