City of Portland – Powell Butte Reservoir No. 2 Phase 2

Beginning in early January 2012, Emery and Sons Construction began working on our portion of work on the Powell Butte Reservoir No. 2 Phase 2 project. Our early work consisted of installing the new site civil services to three new buildings including an Interpretive Center which will be open to the public in December 2012. Over the course of several months we installed 3500 LF of 6” sanitary sewer, 5100 LF of 12” and 18” concrete storm drain line , 1200 LF of 3” HDPE water line, 1650 LF of 12” ductile iron pipe and 2000 LF of 8” ductile iron pipe. In late June Emery and Sons began working on the concrete lined and coated welded steel (WS) pipelines which included 330 LF of 24” drain line , 1080 LF of 48” inlet and outlet lines, 1550 LF of 78” overflow line and 740 LF 90” inlet piping. An additional 1560 LF of 90” WS pipe has been awarded and is not tied to a June 2013 completion date. The majority of our work consists of installing slide rail shoring 25 feet deep in order to facilitate the laying and backfill of the welded steel pipelines. Pipelines within the reservoir footprint are required to be backfilled with 4000 psi structural concrete and outside the reservoir footprint we placed CLSM to one foot above top of pipe. Using slide rail shoring allowed us to minimize the amount of overburden excavation and reduce our quantity of CLSM where the 78” and 90” parallel each other. Miscellaneous work associated with this project includes three offsite vaults, and two existing vault modifications, installing new sections of WS pipe for a dechlorination structure, flow measurement meter and pumping manhole piping. Much of this work is time sensitive and requires us to work within the city right-of-way at several busy intersections.

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Owner: City of Portland

General Contractor: SSC Construction

Engineer: CH2M Hill

Location: Portland, Oregon

Completion Date: Currently Under Construction