Salem-Keizer School District – New Schools Site Package

This project was the first package of a three package school project. The Salem-Keizer School District had plans to build a new elementary school and a new middle school on a 40 acre site. To make the phasing work, the District let out a package for the majority of the site work and a new road to get access to both building sites. Our contract started the end of May 2010. We needed to have access to the middle school site by then beginning of August 2010. In order for this to happen, we moved 145,000 CY of dirt. This was to build sub-grade for both schools and to get the new city street built to sub-grade. After sub-grade was built, we were responsible to place all the aggregate to winterize the site and provide solid winter access. This included 10,000 TON of rock for the new city street, 10,200 TON for the building pads and 10,300 TON for the parking lots/staging areas. Another portion of our project included all of the public storm sewer and detention piping and getting storm, sanitary and water connections to the contractor building the schools. The piping included was 2,700 LF of 36”-72” ADS detention piping, 10,100 LF of 6”-24” ADS and Ductile Iron storm piping, 3,000 LF of 6” perforated field drainage, 13 storm manholes, 20 curb filter units, 25 catch basins, 1,540 LF of 6”-8” PVC sanitary piping and cleanouts, 1,940 LF of 4”-6” C-900 domestic water services, 3,870 LF of 4”-6” C-900 fire services and five miscellaneous water vaults. Our contract also included 5,700 LF of curb, 30,000 SF of sidewalk, 2,800 TON of asphalt, 20 new street lights, five flashing school beacons, striping and signage for the new city street. Our contract also included the majority of all the site landscaping which included all the irrigation, seeding of all the slopes, two soccer fields and a baseball field, and all the miscellaneous trees and plants.

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Owner: Salem-Keizer School District

Engineer: Youngman Locke Engineering

Location: Salem, Oregon

Completion Date: 2011