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Bend Park & Recreation District – Drake Park

Emery & Sons was selected by the Bend Park & Recreation District as the CMGC contractor for the Drake Park Bank & Trail Improvement Project in October of 2018. For this CMGC project, Emery & Sons will provide design assistance to the Bend Park & Recreation Board and design engineer to complete final plans and specifications. The project consists of bank and trail improvements along a 3,500 foot stretch of the Deschutes River (Drake Park to Pacific Park), including planting riparian vegetation along the bank, rehabilitation of an existing beach area, accessible walkways, new restroom facilities, new irrigation intake system, and construction of a new boardwalk along the river’s edge.

Tualatin Valley Water District – Grabhorn Reservoir

In May of 2017 Emery & Sons Construction Group, LLC was selected by the Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) to perform its first Progressive Design Build project. This project included the demolition of the failing existing 5 MG reservoir, complete design, permitting and construction of a new 5 MG AWWA D110 reservoir, valve house and associated on and off-site transmission and connection piping. The site is located on a steep wooded parcel, surrounded by an established neighborhood, a sensitive stream/vegetative corridor and within 30-feet of the critical aquifer storage and recovery system (ASR), which stores and supplies and excess of 300 MG of drinking water for TVWD.

Clean Water Services – Bull Mountain Trunk Sewer

In January of 2018, Clean Water Services selected Emery & Sons as the highest rated proposer for the CMGC Project to upgrade the Bull Mountain Trunk Sewer. The project includes 10,000 LF of large diameter sewer pipe, upsizing the Upper Tualatin area for future development with depths up to 25 feet deep and up to 2000 GPM Bypass Pumping. There are several critical tasks including a 60 inch steel casing in natural resource area.

South Fork Water Board– Emergency Bypass and Repair

In September of 2018 Emery & Sons Construction Group, LLC was selected through the RFP process by the South Fork Water Board (SFWB), to complete its “Emergency Bypass and Repair of Finished Water Transmission Main” project. The SFWB had previously discovered a leak in its 30-inch water transmission main that supplies the Division Street Pump Station. This line provides...

Oregon State University – Jefferson Way Utility Tunnel

Oregon State University approached Westech Engineering and Emery & Sons during the Fall of 2016 to collaborate on the design as well as construction of a 1,100 foot long, 8 foot x 8 foot, buried, precast utility tunnel. This project was the result of a failing steam line that ties directly into the University’s steam plant. Emery started construction in July of 2017 and the University had a fully operational steam system in June of 2018. This project was a success due in large part to the partnership that was developed between the University, Westech and Emery & Sons.

City of Stayton – Mill Creek Sanitary Sewer

Work involved the design and construction of 20,000 LF of 12”-24” sanitary sewer pipeline and construction of a wastewater lift station with excavations of nearly 40-feet deep. This project required the crossing of a wetland area which was accomplished with the use of large aqua dams running parallel to the work area.

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