Public Infrastructure

City of Lake Oswego – D Avenue Improvements

The City of Lake Oswego awarded the D Avenue Improvements project to Emery & Sons in March of 2018. Due to pedestrian safety concerns and a virtually non-existent storm system, all 10 blocks of D Avenue were completely reconstructed. D Avenue is located in the First Addition Neighborhood which has an interesting look. All the streets are narrow and there are no raised curbs. In order to keep the street from looking out of place, the design engineer used a meandering centerline with a flat concrete separator curb. A new sidewalk, with pedestrian lighting, was constructed from State Street to 10th Street. We installed 41 storm water facilities to manage and treat the runoff that eventually flows into Tryon Creek.

ODOT – Clackamas County – Kinsman Road

Emery & Sons entered into a contract with the Oregon Department of Transportation to construct a new section of Kinsman Road that runs between SW Barber Street and Boeckman Road. This project also included the installation of a 66in diameter Welded Steel Waterline that makes up a portion of the Willamette Water Supply Project. Challenging aspects of this project included working within an active wetland site that had a high groundwater table. Due in large part to the efforts of our crews, the new road was opened to traffic six months ahead of schedule.

City of McMinnville – Alpine Ave

The NE Alpine Ave Improvements Project consisted of the reconstruction of 5 blocks of Alpine Avenue from 7th Ave to 11th Ave. This project was started in April 2017 and the grand opening was April 2018. The improvements included new storm piping, stormwater planter, water line piping and hydrants, excavation and grading, concrete paving, site furnishings (benches, planter boxes, trash receptacles), street lighting, custom weather steel and timber trellis structures, and landscaping.

City of Albany – North Albany Road Reconstruction

The City of Albany made the decision to combine two projects that they initially anticipated would each take a summer to complete, into one project, to be completed during one summer. Work started on June 12th and included fully reconstructing North Albany Road, building a new bridge, and installing a 30” HDPE waterline. Per the Contract, we were required to have the road back open to traffic on September 4th. Through meticulous project planning and continuous subcontractor coordination we were able to open the road 10 days ahead of the September 4th opening date.

City of Albany – CARA Street Improvements

Emery & Sons was awarded Phase 2 of the CARA Street Improvement program in May of 2017. This project significantly improved an outdated water system and pedestrian access through most of downtown Albany. We completely reconstructed 14 blocks of downtown streets including curbs, sidewalks, ADA ramps, asphalt paving, decorative street lighting, and landscaping. Also included in this project was the demolition and reconstruction of over 90 ADA ramps on Highway 20, through downtown, to bring the ramps to current ODOT standards.

ODOT – OR217 – Sunset Highway – Tualatin Valley Highway Section

Construction of this project provided the widening of Highway 217, between Canyon Road and Highway 26. Included as part of this project was the extension of the Wilshire Bridge structure, approximately two miles of road construction, 100,000 CY of excavation, seven retaining walls, structural concrete walls, drainage piping, erosion control, paving, signing, Illumination, signals, roadside development, and general rehabilitation of affected roadways.

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