Safety – It’s Our Culture

Emery & Sons Construction Group, LLC’s commitment to safety is visible from the top to the bottom of our organization. We value and invest in safety, employing a full-time Safety Manager to promote, implement, and enforce safety policies throughout our daily business practices. This culture has made Emery a safety leader in the industry with a committed focus to zero injuries, coupled with a drive for continuous improvement. We integrate our safety program into each and every project to make sure all persons in and around the job site remain unharmed and healthy.

No greater value is given than to assuring our projects are completed safely and accident free. We pride ourselves on this promise – not only for our organization, but also for the owners we work for, the public, and the subcontractors and suppliers that support us.

Emery’s Safety Culture
Emery has established a total safety culture that protects everyone:

  • Emery staff and subcontractors
  • Owner’s employees and site guests
  • Surrounding public

Safety Approach
We invest in the tools, training, guidance, and methods needed to work safely and productively every day. Our safety committee is run by our experienced employees with safety expertise who administer:

  • Company-wide drug / alcohol testing and education
  • OSHA consultations early in construction
  • Proactive hazard identification / education

Reasons for Our Excellent Track Record
Our excellent safety record is attributed to:

  • Proper training
  • Enforcement of safety standards
  • Safe and regularly inspected equipment
  • Extensive planning of safe methods and sequencing
  • Readily available / inspected safety equipment
  • A positive company-wide approach to safety

What We Do

From CMGC / Design Build to Public Infrastructure Improvements and Subdivisions, Emery has the experience and knowledge to successfully complete your project.

We Value Safety

Emery believes that nothing is more important than the safety of our clients and employees. For decades we have focused on providing safe and efficient project work environments.

at Emery & Sons

We strive to find and place the best people to be a part the Emery team. We are dedicated to helping our employees succeed.

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