Tanks and Reservoirs

City of Portland – Forest Park Low Tank – Utility Extension

Construction of a fully buried 76’ diameter 1.3 million gallon (MG) pre-stressed concrete reservoir located within a heavily residential Scenic Resource Zone along NW Skyline Boulevard in Portland, OR. This project required over 30,000 CY of excavation, reservoir base prep, and backfill with associated excavation support systems to perform excavation with a site that required cuts of up to 50’ from original ground to subgrade elevation at reservoir floor.

City of Salem – Mill Creek Reservoir

In August of 2013 Emery & Sons Construction Group, LLC was awarded the City of Salem’s Mill Creek Reservoir project. This project included construction of a 140-foot diameter 2.3 million gallon partially buried pre-stressed concrete reservoir and an associated 1,900 square foot control building. The control building housed valves, and flow meters required for the operation of the reservoir as well as a 1,200 gpm duplex booster pump station. A seismically activated valve isolation system was also constructed. Over 40,000 CY of excavation was required for this project, with over 2,000 CY of it being large boulders and solid rock.

City of Sherwood – 4.0 MG Sunset Reservoir #2

Construction of a partially buried 155’ diameter 4.0 million gallon pre-stressed concrete reservoir, booster pump station, and a 48” diameter welded steel pipeline at the City of Sherwood Snyder Park site. This project also included reservoir overflow and storm water quality pond, construction of two lighted tennis courts, street improvements including sanitary sewer and storm water facilities, road widening, re-grading, pavement resurfacing, sidewalks, street trees and a retaining wall.

P.U.D No. 2 of Grant County – Priest Rapids Water System Improvements

The Priest Rapids Water System Improvements project served to replace the existing deteriorating MC&S water system installed in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The new systems constructed included a 170’+ tall, 250,000 gallon elevated water reservoir, well building, pumps, 22,000+ LF of 2” to 16” welded HDPE supply lines and valves, and internal powerhouse piping. Other components of the system include electrical/control, trenchless crossings, coring of the existing powerhouse, site improvements, and well modifications. This project began in late May of 2012 and was completed in July of 2013.

City of Tigard – 3.0 MG 550-Foot Service Zone Reservoir #2

Construction of a 160’ diameter 3 MG pre-stressed concrete reservoir which included 24,000 CY of site excavation, rock excavation, base preparation, backfill, foundation drainage piping, yard piping, 3,000 LF of 18”-24” water main, street improvements, new sidewalks, curb and gutter, and sanitary and storm piping.

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