Treatment Plants and Pump Stations

City of Portland – South Airport Basin – Phase IV Pump Stations

This project consisted of the construction of two new pump stations and associated site work and frontage improvements for the City of Portland. N.E. 42nd Ave. Pump Station: Design and construction of a nearly 40-foot deep caisson with tremie seal to serve as a new 8-foot inside diameter wet well, and construction of a new pump station, including separate generator room and all structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. N.E. 47th Ave. Pump Station: Design and construction of cased secant piles with tremie seal to support a new 38-foot deep wet well; Design and construction of a new precast 10-foot inside diameter wet well and construction of a new pump station, including separate generator room and all structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

City of Corvallis – Taylor Water Treatment Plant Mixing Equipment Improvements

On October 19, 2012 Emery & Sons Construction Group, LLC was awarded the contract for the “Taylor Plant Mixing Equipment Improvements” for the City of Corvallis. This treatment plant treats river water for potable water distribution throughout the City of Corvallis. The work involved with this contract included the demolition of the existing raw water piping through the City’s bulk chemical building and a new fabricated steel manifold pipe ranging in size for 24-inch to 36-inch. Various valves and fittings, a new chemical pump and water metering equipment were installed. The work involved careful coordination with City of Corvallis staff to minimize interference and interruption of the normal operation of the existing facility as well as making temporary connections.

Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District (NOSD) – WWTP Improvements

This project was complex and much greater than simply a wastewater treatment plant and involved the following major components: Construction of a main pump station with a capacity of nearly 4 MGD, 14,000 LF of 16” & 20” HDPE sewer piping, 400,000 gallon water retaining structure, 4,600 LF roadway, and potable waterline to new plant.

Clean Water Services – North Plains Pump Station Relocation

Construction of a new 4.0 MGD submersible pump station functional capacity, with provision for increasing the capacity to 6.0 MGD in the future. Construction of 26,000 feet of 18-inch diameter PVC C905 pressure force main, approximately 700 feet of 24-inch diameter PVC gravity sanitary sewer, installation of three horizontal augur bores beneath US Highway 26, Jackson School Road, and Brookwood Parkway; and installation of approximately 3,500 LF of 20” DR 11 HDPE force main by direction drilling methods. Emery & Sons developed a work plan that allowed the existing pump station to remain operational during the new pump station construction, and testing process thereby eliminating a one year temporary diversion pumping process.

Benton Irrigation District – Irrigation System Improvements Rive Pump Station

This project consisted of constructing a complete 3,600 HP irrigation pump station in the Yakima River. In order to perform this work a 355 FT long 10 FT high Portadam system was installed to hold back the river during construction. This project was constructed in a tight work area between the river and solid rock banks. Other work on the project included installation of 3,200 LF 36-inch through 20-inch restrained joint ductile iron pipe on steep slopes in solid rock. When complete this pump station was capable of pumping 27,000 GPM, or enough to fill an Olympic-size pool in 27 minutes.

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